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I have spent a few weeks going to sleep with the same burning questions in my brain. It’s always the same, why. There’s never a how or when or where. Just why? Although I am building myself up from the destruction that took only two hours to do, I still glance at the burnt up pieces and wonder, why? Do I set myself up to be destroyed? I doubt it . Especially because I let myself be vulnerable to you. But then again, I didn’t. You only saw a shadow of myself. I let you take the reins and I trusted you more than I needed to. You took upon yourself to be scared. To destroy my trust with your immature lies and decision that no one owned you, that you had no responsibility. But my beautiful friend, those irresponsible lies have left scars. In that doing, you cut yourself and left some on you. Because lying, cheating and hurting is a double edged sword. Karma let’s her victims come to her, because even the guiltiest have proof. Scars don’t fade. And suddenly I find myself disinterested with why. The outcome might have still been the same. It’s better to let you go, because I almost loved you and almost don’t care.

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